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School Planning and Management

“You Can Clean for Health” — March 2013


CMM Online

“Communicating With The Consortium” - from Rex Morrison, founder of PC4HS — February 27, 2013


Healthy Schools Campaign (HSC)

Healthy Schools Campaign (HSC) site — February 19, 2013


American School & University (AS&U) Magazine

“Clean School Perceptions” (with Related Video) — September 2012


School Planning and Management (SP&M) Magazine

“Then and Now” — February 2012



“Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools Consortium and IEHA Offer New Guide and Top 10 Ways to Promote Healthy Schools” — January 2012


Building Operating Management (BOM) Magazine

“Learning Curve: Process Cleaning Leads to a Cleaner, Healthier School” — August 2011


Cleaning and Maintenance Management (CMM) Magazine

“Process Cleaning Transforms Custodial Duties” — June 2011


Housekeeping Solutions Magazine

“Connecting the Dots to Process Cleaning” — February 2011

“Developing Good Systems Through Process Cleaning” — February 2011


Sanitary Maintenance Magazine

“Process Cleaning Provides An Efficient Way To Clean Schools” — March 2011



“PC4HS Bylaws Posted For Public Review” — February 20, 2014


“Program Promotes Handwashing In Schools”


“Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools Makes ProTeam Backpack Vacuums a Preferred Product”


“Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools”


“Process Cleaning for Healthy Facilities (PC4HF) Website Launched as the Official Site of the Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools (PC4HS) Consortium”


“Non-profit PC4HS Announces Membership Levels and Certificates”


“Renewable Cleaning Approach (RCA) Succeeds in Florida Charter Schools”


“Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools® (PC4HS) Names Green Works® Concentrated Cleaners As a Preferred Cleaning Product To Improve School Cleaning Processes While Saving Money”


“IEHA Launches Healthy Schools Program Focused on Maintenance and Cleaning”


“Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools (PC4HS)™ Makes Advanced Vapor Technologies' TANCS a Preferred Product”